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Mafia Games – Entertaining Kids for Years

Video games are ruling over the virtual world for decades. Kids and teenagers are spending most of their time on video games rather than studying. Mafia games are one of the most popular categories of games in the world.

Why kids are playing these games?
When we first hear the word ‘Mafia’, it gives the sense of something illegal or underworld. This sense of feeling has been implemented in a mafia game since the 90’s. It fascinates young kids to dive into the game and play like never before. They are playing mafia games more day by day because it gives them freedom to do what they cannot do in real life. Surely we can say that these games have hypnotized modern kids to pay more time in playing these games.

About these games
Mafia games are basically games in which the character is playing the role of a mafia or an underworld don. The player must have some idea how mafias really are.

The player is shown the story of the game in the story mode at the very beginning. Next the player has to choose a character which they like.

While playing with that character the player has to explore the total game. He will find other mafias and agents in the game, some of them his friends, others are there to take him down. Sometimes mafia games have gambling in some places, where they can earn in-game money to buy cars or weapons or even spend those in bars or disco or other enjoyment places. 

These games consist of lots of action, which looks very real in perception, dialogues and animation. Players can buy weapons or increase manpower while going through the game. There can be seen car chases with other mafias’ or even cops’. 

Some of the Mafia games can be played online, competing with other Mafia players around the world. This feature makes these games more stimulating and helps to stay connected with other online features.

These games contain explicit scenes or strong language that is why some these games have been rated Pegi-13 or Pegi-16. 

These games have always been on the top of the list of the critics and media. Mafia game developers earn huge amount of money from these games, because there is almost no kid in the world who plays video games but hasn’t played any mafia game. 

These games have evolved in huge aspects since the 90’s. The main part of the evolvement is the graphics of the games, which has grown exponentially since then. In today’s Mafia games, one can hardly notice if the character is real or CGI. Character animation has also been transformed a lot more, newer games are designed using motion capture technology, by which, in the gameplay, the physical activity of the characters look like real human.

Mafia games are available on PC, Xbox, PlayStation and other gaming consoles. These type of games are dominating the world from the past, and will do so in the coming future.

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